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Tag: java

Anyone Can’t Write an A/B Test
Ⅲ. Separating Instrumentation from Implementation.

The experiment’s configuration, lifecycle, and runtime should be handled externally of the host application, leaving it completely unconcerned with those details. Moving experimentation-related details out of the host application’s domain achieves the complete separation of experience implementation (handled by the host application) and experiment instrumentation (handled by the experimentation server)—the holy grail of any successful experimentation framework.

A Tour de Force of Modern Java for Scala Programmers
Covers Java 17

Scala programmers are in an advantageous position to learn Java quickly: they are likely to know a lot about the JVM and to have used Java’s standard library. This article is intended to help experienced Scala programmers to grasp Java’s key concepts quickly, by introducing them by analogy with the familiar Scala idioms.