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Month: March 2023

Anyone Can’t Write an A/B Test
Ⅱ. The Wee Bit that Money Can Buy

The fundamental flaw of all existing commercial A/B tools is that they all started out as SaaS, which was a reasonable approach to the shallow experiments—their beachhead market,—but that architecture proved untenable when they attempted to extend down the host application’s stack. Without cogent support for full-stack experiments enterprise customers by enlarge opted to roll their own.

Anyone Can’t Write an A/B Test
Ⅰ. It’s a Hard Problem

Although many tech-capable enterprises have been able to develop custom experimentation platforms, many tech-second companies have had to spend sweat and treasure on what are essentially stop-gap solutions. Here are the three principal reasons why implementing an A/B testing practice is a particularly gnarly problem to solve in the wild.